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Edit: Currently down as I've found some issues and am currently busy on the main project. Will re-publish when I have time to fix the bugs in this piece.

A VR homage to my old Casio keyboard -includes 99 playable instruments and sound effects, from the classic piano to Age of Empires wololo, to someone from Freesound.org stabbing lettuce. 

Three recording slots for you to record samples with your mic which can be played as notes 07, 08 and 09 of the keyboard, and three song slots to record and play back tunes. Recorded songs are saved as .wavs on your hard drive. In-game manual provided.

For Steam VR headsets including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift

Runs without a headset in a limited 3d fallback view but isn't really playable, although I've provided a few bits of cutlery you can use to jab at the keys if you have to.

This is a standalone section of a larger VR project I'm making for my MSc, I thought I'd release it on its own as the other bits aren't ready for anyone to look at yet. 

Feedback, comments welcome, bug reports even more so. 

Update:20/11 - fixed a few things, fingers were not pointing when near keyboard as intended, and volume was too loud. Need to give it a proper menu for volume etc, will do this when I have time after handing in my masters.

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