A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Alien Orchestra is a music and puzzle game (prototype) made for Global Game Jam 2020. 

The alien instruments are playing but it doesn't sound right! The aliens are going crazy... you're going to need to fix each instrument to fix the sound it makes. 

Maybe there's a crude hint of what the instruments should look like... which can only be seen in a certain light?

Runs on SteamVR enabled tethered headsets (Vive, Rift, etc) 

and SHOULD run (download the APK and sideload) on Oculus Quest. But has not been tested yet.

Thanks to Greg for making the music and testing.


AlienOrchesta_1_2.zip - the original build, works on Vive and Index (not oculus) 119 MB
Android APK for sideloading on Oculus Quest ONLY 79 MB
Source files. 489 MB
AlienOrchestra OculusFix - Rebuilt with the packages for Oculus Rift or a Quest 118 MB

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